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Do You Pride Hang Low?

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , , on November 19, 2007 by icebergslimm


I think I may be a little late, but nothing important’s been happening in hip hop lately. Plus I haven’t seen this point brought up on any of the other blogs and websites, so I might wanna throw my opinion in the ring.

We all know Nas’ Nigger is coming out somewhere after December 18 and before January 1 (his first single still ain’t out and it’d be a nice Christmas gift for honkeys.) Apparently, according to The Men, it’s the worst thing to hit America since 9/11. Nas has these crackas in a uproar and they’re thinking of everything to pull it back, including taking 84 mill, from Def Jam releasing it.

 We all remember when Bill O’Riely went at “Naz” for performing at VT on his show, which airs on FOX News. After “Naz” performed at VT, all was well until Esco announced his new album title Nigga. FOX News caught wind of this and called up our”black leaders” Al “Unemployed” Sharpton and Jesse “Reverend with Five Year Old Daughter Out of Wedlock while in Wedlock and Paid Her off with Money from My Christian Organization” Jackson. Nobody knows what the CD’s first single is, the album cover or the concept of the album, but Jesse and Al don’t like it.

Al said “Again, I’m opposed to anybody using the term. We’re in an age where they are hanging nooses, they’re locking our kids up in Jena and Florida. We do not need to be degrading ourselves. We get degraded enough. I think we need artists to lift us up, not lock us down.” Did I miss something, or what the fuck did the word nigga have to do with the Jena Six? “Nigga” never killed nobody as any other word hasn’t.

For those wondering about the pic above, the state pension fund that’s trying to take 84 million from the label said this about Def Jam: “[They are] profiting from a racial slur that has been used to dehumanize people of color for centuries.” I know they’re not on the same label, but when Jibbs single “Chain Hang Low” came out, no one stopped it. Why should they stop it? Oh I don’t know, maybe because it sampled the classic minstrel show song “Turkey in the Straw” or because he just can’t rap? It’s your pick.

Apparently what they are saying is, if you’re an intelligent black man AKA a “nigger” rather than a normal ass “nigga,” they won’t stop you from having kids dance to your dumbass song. If Nas is profitting off a racial slur, isn’t Jibbs profitting off a racial song. My theory is because whites made fun of blacks in minstrel shows and Jibbs didn’t know, they can take advantage of him. Nas, on the other hand, knows something and they see the same thing I see, the next black leader on the level of Malcolm and Martin.

Crackas still love to see dumb niggas anyway. “Chain Hang Low” hit #7 on The Billboard Top 200 AKA Whites’ Favorites Songs. Think about it, did your radio station play “Stronger” more than “Can’t Tell Me Nothing”? Didn’t think so. CTMN hit #41, while “Stronger” hit #1.

Nas doesn’t have the best lyrical ability (though in the top five), but takes his talent and sends a message through it. Nigger‘s gonna have that message that whites are afraid of and they’ll stop it if they want. It’s still a white man’s world and label (sorry L.A. and Jay.)But who am I kidding? Nas is a oldhead and Jibbs is the shit. We’ll have some Jibbs to last on forever. Hip hop lives through St. Louis’ finest.