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Still Waiting….

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Tha Kisser III 

I don’t listen to any other genre, personally, but I highly doubt the others have as many albums pushed back. My guess is, besides R&B, whites don’t have as much patience. Niggas really need to get their shit together. I was glancing back at XXL‘s top 10 anticipated albums of ’07, and only five of them have came out: Cassidy’s B.A.R.S., Fabolous’ From Nothin’ to Somethin’, Chamillionaire’s Ultimate Victory, Young Buck’s Buck the World, and T.I. vs. T.I.P. Only T.I. and Young Buck’s albums came out in their respective quarters, second and first. Also, T.I. and Fabolous are the only ones of this crop who’s albums went gold (Tip went plat.)

The others include Lil Jon, Papoose, Raekwon, Three-6 Mafia and Lil Wayne. Of the four, only Tha Kisser III seems it’s on the way. Personally, I hate this guy but I can’t deny his buzz, though he doesn’t have a single fan over the age of 18 (trust me I’m in high school). I have an amazing feeling Def Jam will try to pull a September 11 and match my Nigger up with Wayne, so Lil’ Wang can get shitted on.

Lil Jon’s Crunk Rock will never come out, seeing it couldn’t when he had a top ten single. It seems like forever ago that whites and blacks loved Lil Jon. Dave Chappelle’s gone and, yes, crunk is dead. “Act a Fool” licks elephant dick and why would I wanna listen to some shit called “I’m a J”? R.I.P. Lil Jon’s career.

Does Pap really deserve a paragraph? This muthafucker can’t even hold a contract, let alone make a good song besides “Alphabet Slaughter”, which came out fuckin’ years ago. He’s 28 and isn’t coming out no time soon. At least Saigon, who’s 30, did a buncha time as state property. There are some battle rappers who can’t make good songs and, as evident here, some mixtape rappers can’t make an album.

I really don’t wanna get on Rae’s case. Just thought I should point out the following Aftermath artists: Eve, Joell Ortiz, Stat Quo, any of those niggas (and I mean niggas) from D12 and Rakim (who obviously has a brain). Apparently Raekwon needs to talk to Rakim about business ventures.

Fuck Three-6’s shit. I knew they would have one hot album and go back under a rock. And that show was about as good as 2 girls, 1 cup. (I couldn’t finish it watching either of them without a sour taste left in my mouth.)

The rest of these muthafuckers need to hurry the fuck up too.

Saigon: You out your damn head if you think those crackas at Atlantic are gonna let him leave without some kinda profit off of him.

Cam’Ron: Ha!

Dr. Dre: Never coming out.

Nelly: The ‘roids have him too busy to get an album done.

What the fuck’s gonna be in my stocking!!!!


REVIEW: 8 Diagrams

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8 Diagrams

Since I started listening to real hip-hop in maybe early ’06 (I live in Atlanta for Christ’s sakes), I’ve realized if it’s not a solo Wu CD, it’s damn sure a group album to get me through. Granted I’ve never listened to PE or Run-DMC (ha!), because they’ve never made me want to, I firmly believe the Clan is the best group in hip hop history. OutKast is  a smidget behind at number 2, maybe because it’s only two members and they’ve had only one solo CD apeice, and ATCQ’s at 3.

Recently though these motherfuckers have been arguing like fuckin’ kids over the music style. Rae doesn’t like this shit and RZA does (I guess?) If these motherfuckers can’t get along, why the fuck should I buy it? If you ain’t motivated by the beats is it worthy of copping? But it’s still the Clan, so why not at least listen?

CAMPFIRE ft. Cappadonna

The first minute or so is some stupid ass movie talking, reminds you more of DOOM (who’ll let a movie talk a whole fuckin’ song) rather than RZA. Meth opens with a nice verse, though he bit Kweli with that “I’m tryna bring sexy back like Timbaland and Timberlake” line. Also (unlike Rae) he’s “like Barry Bonds with everything RZA throw.”

Ghost (the only one who’s been active musically and well at it) goes next and makes the gayest lines “We gone have a ball/ Might as well pick a testicle” sound great.

Notice I put featuring Cappadonna, cause IMO he’s not in the Wu (check the cover) and this verse confirmed it. It’s not bad but it was far from great. (On second listen far from good.)

NOTE: Maybe Rae’s salty he didn’t rap over this one, cause it surely sounds like a typical RZA beat.

Best Verse: Ghostface Killah


The one that flew straight over niggas’ heads. Been on the net for a while now, and no one’s picked up on it. Sounds like I heeard this beat before, but fuck it.

Rae surely sounds like he’s feeling this beat, but maybe cause Easy Mo Bee (where are they now) produced it with RZA. Inspectah Deck delivers as always. (IMO he was the best around Wu-Tang Forever.) I’m starting to think maybe Ghost has the right to have an ego problem, cause he left the darkest mark on this one.

U-God (where are they now without the Wu) spits his best in a while, maybe cause he wants back in. Overall a nice track and potential single.

Best Verse: Ghostface Killah & Inspectah Deck


Sounds like this was made on a rainy day. The beat is so fucking lazy and everyone’s raps just drags along. Meth’s was nice but the hook is horrendous (not that I care for one, but this is terrible). Raekwon sounds a little depressed about his post-Cuban Linx career, or at least about this song. U-God shouldda got kicked back out for this lame ass verse. The best thing I heard him say was something about having someone Frakenstein stiched up. Masta Killa’s arose from the dead and sounds deader than Elvis.

Best Verse: Method Man


Beat sounds a little like “Gravel Pit,” but better. Raekwon has a good verse, I guess, and is followed by GZA. His style does not move me at all and is quite annoying. He raps like he’s my fucking science teacher. Not because he drops knowledge, but the way he drops knowledge. Ex: This whole verse.

RZA makes his first appearance and his absurd style still reigns supreme over most of the others. He, INS and Ghost sound like the only ones still in the ’90’s, which is great in their case. Masta Killa finishes the song on a good note.

Best Verse: RZA

UNPREDICTABLE ft. Dexter Wiggles

What kind of grown man would refer to himself as Wiggles. That’s hilarious. But to the song, so far the best beat on the whole album. It’s a shame only Deck and RZA got to rap over it. Inspectah Deck comes hard (no Larry Craig) on this beat. RZA does well too, but I guess that’s natural when you make the beat yourself.

Just to Point Out: Why does RZA get to pick who raps over the beats? As evident here, he can pick himself and he doesn’t have to pick some one. ODB was quite absent on Forever and Ghost has only three appearances. All the other official members appearat least six times. Maybe this is why RZA didn’t give a fuck about Ghost coming out the same day.

Best Verse: Inspectah Deck

THE HEART GENTLY WEEPS ft. Erykah Badu, Dhani Harrison & John Frusciante

The “first” single and Ghostface’s final appearance. He kills this one too but not better than Meth. It’s really medolic and I don’t see the problem with it, just something new. After all, it’s the only song I’ve heard sounding like this so far.

Best Verse: Ghostface Killah & Method Man

WOLVES ft. George Clinton

Has one of those stupid ass George Clinton hooks. I don’t understand the hook, it’s quite dumb. What does he do? This was nothing but him talking with his voice slightly raised. Never mind, I think he’s a junkie.

U-God spits a big pound of nothing, though Meth sounds hungry again since that shit sandwich 4: 21… The Day After. Masta Killa shows a little somethin’ too.

Not too bad if you can get over that shitty-ass-Western-sampling beat.

Best Verse: Method Man

GUN WILL GO ft. Sunny Valentine

Very dark sounding, kinda throws you off from the sample. The hook sucks, maybe because this Sunny Valentine character does. It’s kinda hard to pick a best verse, Meth, Rae and Masta all sound like they just woke up.

Best Verse: GTFOH


What did I just say? How come RZA can get a solo song on here and Ghost can’t be on here more than thrice? I know Dirty, U-God & Rae had solo tracks on Forever, but that was a double disc. Whatever.

Now that I’ve turned my hater meter down, RZA actually does great on this one, maybe one of the best songs the album has to offer. Lines like “The had ears of corn/ And heads of lettuce” bring the track to another level, other couldn’t (or perhaps won’t.)

STICK ME FOR MY RICHES ft. Gerald Alston

DISCLAIMER: Don’t be a fool like me thinking it’s gonna be some gritty ass Biggie sample. 

What the fuck is this guy talking about? He’s singing about being “tired of eating cheese sandwiches with no meat” and “tired of watching all the players from the same scene.” Mathematics produced this one with RZA and the beat is OK.

Meth is really back. I remember when I heard Ghost’s “9 Milli. Bros” from Fishscale and thought Inspectah Deck had lung cancer or some shit. He sounds like he’s been drinking Clorox. RZA sounds like U-God for a second all before GZA comes. GZA’s verse is kinda good on this one and doesn’t sound as old as he did on “Rushing Elephants.”

Best Verse: Method Man

STARTER ft. Streetlife, Sunny Valentine & Tash Mahogany

Gutta-ass beat wasted on some “girl shit.” GZA sounds like the 50-Year Old Virgin on this one and Streetlife sounds like he’s been wacking off since Wu Forever. Deck still sound good and I now remember why U-God and Masta never blew up.

Best Verse: Inspectah Deck

WINDMILL ft. Cappadonna

I’m getting so damn bored with this CD, I don’t feel like writing anymore. Raekwon was okay, I guess. GZA is so old, it’s not even funny any longer. Deck and Meth still doing the shitting on the rest, though Method Man rapped like six bars. Cap should really never rap with them again.

Best Verse: Inspectah Deck (again)


The third “single.” RZA’s first and the song is really lazy as has the rest been. Rae goes. GZA goes.

Best Verse: This will never come out


The Dirty tribute. Real lovely shit for one of rap’s most missed. Rae said he”Slept with the Black Jesus” (I know they’re not gay but he should watch it.) I tried not to laugh when RZA went but I couldn’t help it. Where’s Ghost?

Best Verse: I miss Ol’ Dirty

TAR PIT ft. Cappadonna, Streetlife & George Clinton

U-God’s the only official member on this one, and he shows his ass. Cap is on this one and saves his best for last. Streetlife also does good. The beat, verses and everything was going right, until I heard the end. George Clinton keeps saying “somebody let the monkeys out the cage” and confirms his junkieness. It’s so horrible it’s hilarious. He goes on forever. He even said “he’ll stick a knife so far up your ass/ You won’t be able to pass verbal gas.”


Is this what I’ve been waiting for? GZA to hit 45? Show Dirty’s importance to the rest? The day the greatest fall apart? It’s crazyily bad. Or maybe it’s not that bad, but I expected something at least as good as Iron Flag, but it’s post-2000 minus Ghostface Wu. Maybe that album minus RZA would be a good idea, (though I doubt it legally.) Matter of fact I can’t blame him, it’s everyone’s fault. Rae sounds uninspired, RZA’s gone mad, U-God and Masta still suck, GZA (I refuse to repeat myself), and Ghost is just about as dead as ODB. Method Man and INS are still there, but can’t make up for the others.

Best Songs: “Take It Back”, “Unpredictable” & “The Heart Gently Weeps”

LYRICS: 8/10 (It’s still the Wu, but they’re no longer at 10)

BEATS: 6/10

OVERALL: 6/10 (It’s over.)

REVIEW: American Gangster

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Wow, what a difference one album makes. Before Kingdom Come, these same kids calling him an “oldhead” and “washed up” we’re hailing him as the greatest alive. Kingdom Come did the numbers (680,000 the first week), but was hailed as the biggest pile of pig shit of ’06. Personally, I’ve heard worse, but not from Jay. It wasn’t that the album was bad, but some songs were great (a la “The Prelude”, “Oh My God” and “Beach Chair”)  and some were Mike Jones-ish horrible (“Anything”, “Dig a Hole” and “Hollywood”).

Back to the album at hand, give Jay his respect for taking back to the drug tales and for getting ’70’s soulish. But could Diddy (who hasn’t did a good song since “Hate Me Now”) and the Hitmen (who haven’t did shit since No Way Out) produce, good material that is. And can Hov make a good one without a beat from Kanye West? Well ain’t that why we do reviews?


The guy from Daddy’s Little Angels takes a real approach to being a gangster. He also tells these litte niggas it ain’t cool to let your ass show, real niggas think it’s gay. I was with this whole shit till he said “if you believe in Jay-Z then you, too, can be a gangster.” Is it neccesary to ride yourself on your intro?

PRAY ft. Beyonce

Forget what I said above about Puffy & The (new) Hitmen. The beat’s banging and it’s the best you’ve heard him flow since, I don’t know, maybe The Black Album. Though I’m never the one to pass on a story track, this one makes you feel like Hov made you “close your eyes and pretend you’re me.”


Damn ya’ll, I don’t know I was feeling the first six tracks on KC, but this on rides over damn near everything on the comeback album. Probably one of the best samples, minus Kanye beats, I’ve heard since, fuck it, Graduation.

Washed up rapper quotable of the year: “Survive the droughts/ I wish you well/ Hold up, survive the droughts?/ I wish you well?/ How sick am I?/I wish you health”

HELLO BROOKLYN 2.0 ft. Lil Wayne

What the fuck. You know how some fans pray for their two favorites to collaborate? “Black Republicans”? Check. “Renegade”? Check. “Barry Bonds”? Check. This shit? Jay and Wayne made a boo boo.


These new Hitmen are some how close to the quality of the original squad. This Barry White sample, makes you feel like you on Cloud 9 with some “Blue Magic.” Hard lyrics+hard beat= One of the most hard-hitting songs in Hov’s career.

Washed up rapper quotable of the year 2: “But hustle hard at any hustle/ That you pick/ Skinny nigga toothpick/ But I do lift weight like I’m using ‘roids/ Rolls Royce keep my movements/ Smooth while maneuvering/ Through all the manure in the sewer/ That I grew up in”


Officially the best song out right now. For anyone questioning his talent, this will shut them the fuck up. I’m not gonna quote anything from this song, just download it. And I’m really waiting for these Hitmen niggas to fuck up. It’s better than No Way Out. Now it’s the best since Life after Death.


Fits perfectly with the scene where Tip tells Uncle Frank “I wanna be like you.” The song gives you that mellow “cruisin’ (what up D’Angelo)” feel (in your new Phantom of course.) So far so good. At least this one keeps getting better than going on and off like Kingdom Come.

Side note: Apparently, Cassie hasn’t improved on her singing skills since her shitfest performance on 106. She’s strictly an adlibber now. (She’s on this, “Pray” and “Roc Boys”).

I KNOW ft. Pharrell

On some “Baltimore Love Thing” shit. Though ten times better than anyting sitting on The Massacre, or in 50’s head. You’d think on a CD full of samples the only song minus one would suck. Best Neptunes beat since HHNF.

Oldhead rhymes: “In any form I’m giving you sweet dreams/ That sugar hill, she call me her sweet thing/ That black rain will take away your pain/ Just for one night baby take me in vein”


This CD is full of Bad Boys newcomers and rejects, some guy named Shannon Jones is on this one. I guess Jay’s saving money for the company now. What a great boss!

This is the last Hitmen beat and they’ve really shown theier asses on this one. Sean C, LV and (gulp) Diddy did the best production I’ve heard, minus Graduation, since Finding Forever (sorry y’all.)

A couple gray hair quotables: “I’m on her bra strap/ She’s on my dick/ Ain’t nothing wrong with that/ That’s my bitch”, “She’s my little quaterback/ Ya dig?/ Cause I’m all that in the sack/ Ya dig?”, “Please there’s no equal/ Ya boys off the wall, these other niggas is Tito”

IGNORANT SHIT ft. Beanie Sigel

It’s that old shit you like with an irrelevant verse from Beans. He probably spit about eight bars, but it’d love to breathe over this beat. The first of two Just Blaze beats. Also, Jay goes in at Imus and how rap can’t be “worst than these celebutants showing they kittens/You kidding?”

Something else to point out: On KC Just took that “Super Freak” sample and made it dissapear out your mind. This one doesn’t remove the recognition, but does sample “Between the Sheets” in a different form.


This DJ Toomp kid is really stepping up the ladder. Fuck T.I. vs. T.I.P. This beats better than “Big Brother” but slightly under “Can’t Tell Me Nothing.” Jay doesn’t shit on this one lyrically, but creatively it’s a thumbs up. And if I said Nas is the next Malcom or Martin, Jay’s gotta be one too. I’m going with Nas as Malcolm, because he’s more revolutionary and Jay’s more popular like MLK. S Dot goes in at Al Sharpton telling him what I said, take care of Jena then worry about cursing.


It’s a shame how these guys have been on two songs together, and no one can shit on the other. I wanna say Nas but Jay had a couple rewind lines. The beat’s from No I.D. (where are they now producer) and it delivers. I heard the sample, though and it’s virtually the same thing played over and over.

30’s the new 20 lines of the year: Jay- “Finish my brealfast why?/ I got an appettite for destruction and you’re a small fry” Nas- “Success, McLaren, women starin/ My villian appearance/Sacred blood of a king/ In my vein ain’t spillin”


This Bilal kid should be ashamed of himself. He’s on all kind of song and only get adiitional vocals credits. It’s hard to believe J.D. did this beat instead of No I.D. (who co-produced) but he comfirmed it himself. Great song, as the rest, that reflects on Frank Lucas’ fall. I guess this is why it’s the last official song, the others are bonus tracks.

BLUE MAGIC ft. Pharrell

The one everybody hates but me. We’ve all heard it before, either it’s the shit or shit.


Provided by Just Blaze, who rarely fucks up. Great song and brings you back to that Blueprint feel. Not really too much to say here, except it’s another banger.


Wow, what a difference one album makes. For all of you all wondering, he ain’t washed up, but was rather rusty (He did drop an album annually [and occasionally two]). No it’s not The Black Album good. No it’s not on the levels of Reasonable Doubt & The Blueprint, and he’ll probably never be back there. But if that’s the case, Nas has apparently been washed up since Illmatic, and the Wu since Wu-Tang Forever.

If you ain’t like me and don’t enjoy buying CDs, then at least download it.

BEATS: 9/10


OVERALL: 9/10 (Perfect minus Hello Brooklyn)

Best Songs: “American Dreamin'”, “Roc Boys (And the Winner Is)…” & “Say Hello”

Do You Pride Hang Low?

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I think I may be a little late, but nothing important’s been happening in hip hop lately. Plus I haven’t seen this point brought up on any of the other blogs and websites, so I might wanna throw my opinion in the ring.

We all know Nas’ Nigger is coming out somewhere after December 18 and before January 1 (his first single still ain’t out and it’d be a nice Christmas gift for honkeys.) Apparently, according to The Men, it’s the worst thing to hit America since 9/11. Nas has these crackas in a uproar and they’re thinking of everything to pull it back, including taking 84 mill, from Def Jam releasing it.

 We all remember when Bill O’Riely went at “Naz” for performing at VT on his show, which airs on FOX News. After “Naz” performed at VT, all was well until Esco announced his new album title Nigga. FOX News caught wind of this and called up our”black leaders” Al “Unemployed” Sharpton and Jesse “Reverend with Five Year Old Daughter Out of Wedlock while in Wedlock and Paid Her off with Money from My Christian Organization” Jackson. Nobody knows what the CD’s first single is, the album cover or the concept of the album, but Jesse and Al don’t like it.

Al said “Again, I’m opposed to anybody using the term. We’re in an age where they are hanging nooses, they’re locking our kids up in Jena and Florida. We do not need to be degrading ourselves. We get degraded enough. I think we need artists to lift us up, not lock us down.” Did I miss something, or what the fuck did the word nigga have to do with the Jena Six? “Nigga” never killed nobody as any other word hasn’t.

For those wondering about the pic above, the state pension fund that’s trying to take 84 million from the label said this about Def Jam: “[They are] profiting from a racial slur that has been used to dehumanize people of color for centuries.” I know they’re not on the same label, but when Jibbs single “Chain Hang Low” came out, no one stopped it. Why should they stop it? Oh I don’t know, maybe because it sampled the classic minstrel show song “Turkey in the Straw” or because he just can’t rap? It’s your pick.

Apparently what they are saying is, if you’re an intelligent black man AKA a “nigger” rather than a normal ass “nigga,” they won’t stop you from having kids dance to your dumbass song. If Nas is profitting off a racial slur, isn’t Jibbs profitting off a racial song. My theory is because whites made fun of blacks in minstrel shows and Jibbs didn’t know, they can take advantage of him. Nas, on the other hand, knows something and they see the same thing I see, the next black leader on the level of Malcolm and Martin.

Crackas still love to see dumb niggas anyway. “Chain Hang Low” hit #7 on The Billboard Top 200 AKA Whites’ Favorites Songs. Think about it, did your radio station play “Stronger” more than “Can’t Tell Me Nothing”? Didn’t think so. CTMN hit #41, while “Stronger” hit #1.

Nas doesn’t have the best lyrical ability (though in the top five), but takes his talent and sends a message through it. Nigger‘s gonna have that message that whites are afraid of and they’ll stop it if they want. It’s still a white man’s world and label (sorry L.A. and Jay.)But who am I kidding? Nas is a oldhead and Jibbs is the shit. We’ll have some Jibbs to last on forever. Hip hop lives through St. Louis’ finest.

Let’s Start the Show

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I hate to do this. But with all the bullshit going on in hip hop I have no choice. I know it seems everybody and they sister’s got a blog but I won’t come with no bullshit on this one. The title Blogging Since 1978 means I’mma come with writing from hip hop’s roots, not these other dickriding Weezy-riding-blogging fags on the ‘net.

Hip hop never dies it just slows down. Hip hop doesn’t mean just music, but a culture. The culture can include graffiti, DJing or anything benefitting and pushing the movement. Just cause PE died down (or as I should say slowed down), doesn’t mean positivity in hip hop has.  No that doesn’t mean Lupe and Kanye are the only rappers who entertain me, but any rapper with talent pleases me (no Cash Money.)

I guess we’ll see how a 15-year old does this blogging shit. Hopefully I get it down and if not it’s the ‘net’s number one lost.