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Still Waiting….

Posted in Uncategorized on December 14, 2007 by icebergslimm

Tha Kisser III 

I don’t listen to any other genre, personally, but I highly doubt the others have as many albums pushed back. My guess is, besides R&B, whites don’t have as much patience. Niggas really need to get their shit together. I was glancing back at XXL‘s top 10 anticipated albums of ’07, and only five of them have came out: Cassidy’s B.A.R.S., Fabolous’ From Nothin’ to Somethin’, Chamillionaire’s Ultimate Victory, Young Buck’s Buck the World, and T.I. vs. T.I.P. Only T.I. and Young Buck’s albums came out in their respective quarters, second and first. Also, T.I. and Fabolous are the only ones of this crop who’s albums went gold (Tip went plat.)

The others include Lil Jon, Papoose, Raekwon, Three-6 Mafia and Lil Wayne. Of the four, only Tha Kisser III seems it’s on the way. Personally, I hate this guy but I can’t deny his buzz, though he doesn’t have a single fan over the age of 18 (trust me I’m in high school). I have an amazing feeling Def Jam will try to pull a September 11 and match my Nigger up with Wayne, so Lil’ Wang can get shitted on.

Lil Jon’s Crunk Rock will never come out, seeing it couldn’t when he had a top ten single. It seems like forever ago that whites and blacks loved Lil Jon. Dave Chappelle’s gone and, yes, crunk is dead. “Act a Fool” licks elephant dick and why would I wanna listen to some shit called “I’m a J”? R.I.P. Lil Jon’s career.

Does Pap really deserve a paragraph? This muthafucker can’t even hold a contract, let alone make a good song besides “Alphabet Slaughter”, which came out fuckin’ years ago. He’s 28 and isn’t coming out no time soon. At least Saigon, who’s 30, did a buncha time as state property. There are some battle rappers who can’t make good songs and, as evident here, some mixtape rappers can’t make an album.

I really don’t wanna get on Rae’s case. Just thought I should point out the following Aftermath artists: Eve, Joell Ortiz, Stat Quo, any of those niggas (and I mean niggas) from D12 and Rakim (who obviously has a brain). Apparently Raekwon needs to talk to Rakim about business ventures.

Fuck Three-6’s shit. I knew they would have one hot album and go back under a rock. And that show was about as good as 2 girls, 1 cup. (I couldn’t finish it watching either of them without a sour taste left in my mouth.)

The rest of these muthafuckers need to hurry the fuck up too.

Saigon: You out your damn head if you think those crackas at Atlantic are gonna let him leave without some kinda profit off of him.

Cam’Ron: Ha!

Dr. Dre: Never coming out.

Nelly: The ‘roids have him too busy to get an album done.

What the fuck’s gonna be in my stocking!!!!