Let’s Start the Show

I hate to do this. But with all the bullshit going on in hip hop I have no choice. I know it seems everybody and they sister’s got a blog but I won’t come with no bullshit on this one. The title Blogging Since 1978 means I’mma come with writing from hip hop’s roots, not these other dickriding Weezy-riding-blogging fags on the ‘net.

Hip hop never dies it just slows down. Hip hop doesn’t mean just music, but a culture. The culture can include graffiti, DJing or anything benefitting and pushing the movement. Just cause PE died down (or as I should say slowed down), doesn’t mean positivity in hip hop has.  No that doesn’t mean Lupe and Kanye are the only rappers who entertain me, but any rapper with talent pleases me (no Cash Money.)

I guess we’ll see how a 15-year old does this blogging shit. Hopefully I get it down and if not it’s the ‘net’s number one lost.


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